The Development of Livly Island from 2002-2019

✩ 2002: “Livly ~Mysterious Pet~” service begins
✩ 2003: Service is transferred to So-net Entertainment and was renamed to “Livly Island"

✩ 2006: Won multiple awards; Grand Prix, Casual Game Award, Female Select Award and Teens Award at “WebMoney” Awards 2006
✩ 2007: Won Best Games Award at “WebMoney” Awards 2007
✩ 2008: Won Best Games Award at “WebMoney” Awards 2008
✩ 2009: Taiwan Version “Treasure Island” begins. Livly Island and Treasure Island aren’t integrated on one server, they function on completely different servers.
“Livly Island COR” begins service. “COR” (or “koru”) means “heart” in Latin. The rename is meant to symbolize Dr. Muller’s connection between human and livly, as well as adding some changes and improvements to Livly Island. This was also referred to as the “2nd Stage of Livly Island."

The changes were threefold:
You could now keep up to 3 livlies at the same time. Originally, owners could only keep 1 livly at a time, but with the COR update, you were now able to have 3 "islands" on which to care for your livlies. There is a new “room” screen which displays all of your islands at once so you can view more than 1 livly at a time. This screen would become customizable later.
Two new “interactions” were added allowing an owner to “stroke” and “poke” livlies, which would garner a handful of unique reactions.
New types of accessories that were previously limited to Management Livlies are added in addition to the original hats. These accessories are made by Dr. Muller’s wife, Juliet.

✩ 2010: “Livly Garden” is released for DS, a game in which ~50 species of livly are present and the owner raises a garden alongside livlies.
“Odekake Livly” begins service. This feature allows users to access Livly Island on their smart phones in order to take care of them when not near a computer.
“Livly’s Adventure” begins service through Yahoo! Mobage and Mobage-Town (“Mobage” is a slang term for “Mobile Game”). Livly’s Adventure appears to be a kind of add-on game that was more focused on the combat aspect of Livly with less of the threats present in Livly Island COR (dying). You were able to take care of your livlies through Livly Adventure as well as engaging in a combat mini-game and adventuring with up to 2 friends. The adventure mode also featured combat, but playing with other users allowed you to select “perks” such as “resistant to bees” etc. for an upper-hand against your bug opponents.
✩ 2011: Livly’s Adventure ends after roughly 5 months of service.
“Miniature Garden” begins service on Android. Miniature Garden appears to have been a Bonsai-esque garden that allowed you to decorate as it grew. The livlies that would appear were in conjunction with the kind of garden you were growing, in-game items were bought with dd earned from your livlies. The Miniature Garden data was not linked to Livly Island COR on PC
Livly Island COR is transferred from Son-net to Game Pot Co., Ltd.
✩ 2012: Ended the service of the Taiwan version “Treasure Island”
✩ 2017: Livly Island COR is transferred to GMO GP Co., Ltd due to a merger between Game Pot and GMO Internet.
✩ 2018: Announcement of the smartphone compatible client.
The smartphone compatible client is due to the move to HTML5 after the retiring of Flash. The smartphone version had an overhauled UI and allowed for users to zoom in in order to see their livlies better.

Name is changed back from “Livly Island COR” to “Livly Island” in an attempt to return to their “beloved origins.”
✩ 2019: HTML5 version of Livly Island is released.
HTML5 version available on Gesoten (appears to be a kind of game website similar to miniclip and coolmathgames).
Announcement of the end of Gesoten service.
Announcement of the end of the PC and Smartphone service of Livly Island on December 26, 2019 at 12:00.
Completion of service of the PC and Smartphone applications.